somethng2die4 - 5 years ago


arshdeepd - 5 years ago

The game stops working on certain levels (can't release the buttons)

eternalblade - 6 years ago

Nerds game

hellgana - 6 years ago

failthis game sucks

nani1801 - 6 years ago

dont really understand this game :(

pksairish - 6 years ago

challenging game, i like the physics engine!

sparkyboy6 - 6 years ago

Awesome physics game, that cleverly uses magnetism.

xillion22 - 6 years ago

Haha really hard, lots and lots of patience, not really very fun though..

luisnem - 6 years ago

I'TS HARD!!!!!

charmenk - 6 years ago

how on earth do you expect us to play this?!