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Common Problems:

Most common problems we hear about are usually problems with plug-ins not being installed or updated. For example, many people don't have Flash, Shockwave, Java and etc... plug-ins installed in their browser(s). And in rare cases you might not have cookies enabled or if you are playing from school or work, your systems' administrator(s) may have blocked the above mentioned plug-ins, and or disabled installing/updating plug-ins or cookies.

Common Solutions:

A: Install all the plug-ins required by our games and enable cookies. The listed links below will help you enable cookies and install required plug-ins:
- Enable Cookies
- FLASH plug-in download page
- SHOCKWAVE plug-in download page
- JAVA plug-in download page
- Unity3D plug-in download page
- WildTangent plug-in download page

B: Second option would be to (if possible) uninstall your browser(s) and then (if possible) re-install/update your browser(s). And then re-install all plug-ins fresh and reboot your computer.

C: The last option would be to contact us with details to your problem and we would be more than willing to look at the problem as it could also mean the problem might be on our side and not on your computer.